On Road Bike Tours of Hokkaido

Explore Hokkaido on 2 wheels! 

Hokkaido Touring MTB
Great Scenery to be experienced

Outdoor Travel Japan offers a selection of on and off road, supported cycling tours across Hokkaido from Spring through to Autumn, each year.

The most rewarding part of our work is seeing guests return time and time again to experience the great outdoors that Hokkaido has to offer. Our clients often are very often city dwellers with incredibly busy lives often entirely insulated from the land, the weather, and the natural cycles of the environment. On our road bike trips you will have the chance to leave it all behind, and experience another side of Japan that is not readily known about.

For client's coming from abroad, our trips can be tailored to introduce you to the amazing Japanese culture and way of life, making you trip even more memorable.